Rest in peace, Gore Vidal

Brilliant man, clever, angry, funny and such a beautiful mind. His words and thoughts are an incredible legacy for us all.

i dunno man. i bought some of his hair clippers, and they kinda sucked.

“[Professor] Frank recalled my idle remark some years ago: ‘Never pass up the opportunity to have sex or appear on television.’ Advice I would never give today in the age of AIDS and its television equivalent Fox News.”

Yep, him and Hunter S were the truthsayers for throughout some interesting times.

don’t forget norman mailer and ken kesey

well, hey, he died a few months back too. my VS straighteners do the trick

Shamelessly stolen, gold if true:

Norman Mailer punched Gore Vidal at a party after a bad review. Still on the floor, Vidal declared: “Once again, words fail Norman Mailer.”

Oh man - this shits on QandA.