Resto - Cannondale Saeco - Mario Cipollini

In the late 90’s when Super Mario was king & I started racing as a junior,
I fell in love with the Team Saeco Cannondales. I had to have one.
I did, then after a few seasons sold it to fund my drag racing addiction instead.
Now 15 years later I still kick myself, & still think its the meanest looking bike ever.

I want another one for my collection, so last month I set about finding all the bits to spec an
original one again.

  • 58cm CAD3

  • Shimano Dura Ace 7700 9sp - 11-21/39/53t

  • Spinergy Rev X tubulars

  • Vittoria Competion Atlanta 22mm tubs

  • The hardest thing to source was the Selle Italia Century Cipollini saddle.
    I gave up, bourght a new Yellow Selle Italia, then the next day found a
    Brand new in box Cipo saddle.

  • Rides sweet as, done 60km on it Sunday Morning and still is super fast, and
    still as stiff as my current model road bikes.



foa boty contender.

oh no, boty has to be fixed. damn.

I’d hardly call rev x’s stiff! The one I had was flexy as!!

Irregardless, this is so pimp!!!

Good stuff,
Needs a Cinelli seaco alter stem with pinup girl.

I love it…

Maybe it’s time for a Roady BOTY… Seems there are some amazing roady builds here at FOA

Stiffners in the wheels.
These wheels ( Yellow ) are the X-Lite version, but have the stiffners fitted.

I want to do a '98 Pantani Bianchi

& a '99 Lance winning Trek

I think they would suit a collection of that era, which I think was the most exciting time in Pro cycling.

Don’t worry, im on it. They are ahead, so a CAAD4 will be required.
If I found a frame, i’d swap it over. or if I could find a longer steerer
1" Kinesis or Slice fork, i’d stick a threadless h/set in it and put the stem on.
Though this model is to spec from the catalogue.

There is a Black stem on eBay with the chick onit, but not in saeco colours,
though there are heaps out there.

I’m curently hunting a “airforce chick” lost a spacegirl somewhere on the east coast last year :frowning:

Cinelli Alter Pin Up Girls

thats where i got the spacegirl from, other one is a lot harder.

goosy, soft spot for those dales, and your’s is bloody brilliant.

totaly agree about bikes from that area, also a big fan of the OCLV’s of that time. purely on aesthetics!

Lets hope so.
He may be getting on, but would be a better showman then Cav

I’m Serious About Comeback, Says Cipollini |

you know that isn’t a word right?

this is awesome.
inb4 grant hackett pic

User Syd_Nathan built a replica up last year, complete. Looks the shiz ,has done a couple of Sydney-Woolongong Sydney-Gosford rides on the Spinergy’s too, game!

Goose this is sooo classy,
If goose says the wheels are stiff trust him he’d know.
The old boy had the 98 bianchi replica they too were nice.
I have a kinesis threaded fork but I think the steerer would be too short for you.

Potato, don’t be so conrespectful…


its irrespectful …duhh