Restored Merckx frame and fork

Eddy Merckx Molteni Frameset | eBay

Very nice, I used to want a Merckx (still do) but out of my price range now

Check out the competition
Eddy Merckx Molteni Vintage bike | eBay

Not sure what Eddy would need eyelets, long reach brakes, and such a long rake angle, but what would i know

It’s a replica.

Check the sellers feedback in the OP. He sold a Merckx, poss the same one, recently and got neg feedback for it.

The second looks like a mish mash of parts on a 27" frame with 700c wheels.

Knob with stickers preying on the unwise.

Wowzers, you’re right! I should have had a closer look.

‘I’ll just lye the bike down on some concrete to take photos so that potential buyers know I take care of it’.

Lye is rather corrosive isn’t it Dylan? You would probably want to rinse that stuff off fast :slight_smile:

Idk brah me fail english
Lie? Lay? Ly?
I thought I got it right

Don’t worry about it Dylan! As a longtime lurker/stalker, I feel as if I already know you quite well, friend…

Ya wanna find out about lye and it’s capabilities watch fight club, or bettter still read the book. It explains the origins of soap.