Retail Fail.

Spotted on Swanston St.

[li]brake levers at rakish angle[/li][li]no msw on front wheel[/li][li]pads aligned to tyre[/li][/ul]

what else?

[RIGHT]edit: could have called this ‘list tag fail’[/RIGHT]

i saw this on saturday and laughed too.

is that the shoe shop heatseeker works in?? :evil:

spotted that the other day at QV
epic fail ^^

You can actually win it. Not sure how, it’s sponsored by Le Coq Sportif.

haha yeah i think thats glue store. also in mcentral theres a bmw x5 comp that comes with a MTB on top and the bars were upside down…

also had a bit of a chuckle at this the other day. surely to anyone those brakes look like they belong on a clown bike


This just turned up in our retail stores for a window display for Adidas. I refuse to put it up.

Celebrate Originality Adidas says. Sorry Adi Dassler, you’re about four years too late.

It made me think of Le Cuñt Sportif, in a nice way, and wonder about brand appropriation … Le Cog Sportif?

Why does your link go to Fyxomatosis? You’ve lost me as usual.

you know, track cunt

Didn’t Andy do a line of ‘le c_ sportif’ shirts, back in the day?

Not sure bro, you maybe right.

“Originality” is pretty subjective. Original to you is probably very different to originality for the masses from the burbs who buy their shoes from your store.

You’ve got our target demographic all wrong.

oh my god, that’s terrible and dangerous. made me laugh though

you should see the Le coq sportif bike at the Glue store in Highpoint Melb, just as dangerous and laughable.

did you check out the picture in the OP???

umm, yeah thats supposed to be swanston st? seeing pic link is fail, kinda hard to tell.

whoops, i missed reading highpoint :frowning:

just for me:

well we just made up 4 or 5 adidias “bike decal” kits at work… so expect to see some adidas bikes in shop windows soon!!!