Retro loop

Retro loop in the morning

630 a Crankstar…

Any bike

wish I’d seen this earlier. hope it was good.

(banana flavoured)

Will be able to attend this soon! Plans to make it a semi-regular thing?

Yeah I’d like it to be a bimonthly

I’ll be inboard once I retrieve the ken from crankstar… And put rizors on it :wink:

Ha! Duglyf I’ll get the clamont out #bitterbrothers


I could bring the Healing out? #nobrakes

Need to build a new rear wheel for the Ken before it’s allowed out again after yesterdays taco effort.

What happened Geoff? Is it ok? Are you ok?

Was stretching out my back and riding no hands, hit a rock, all my weight over the back wheel was too much and a bunch of spokes gave way. Taco’d it enough for it to rub both sides of the chain stays, made for a slow 15kms home.

I’m fine, frame is fine (apart from a bit of rubber on the inner chain stays), just need to put together those Campy hubs and rims I have had sitting around for months now so I can get mobile again.

hang on can i just ride my crabon bike then?

You have a carbon bike? What about the ken? C’mon maaaan

should read “any bike except your sisters girlfriend”.

Sheeeet! Could have been worse though.

mos def.


Of course, bones and skin heal, steel tubes and paint don’t.