return of the spok

i’ve seen so many 2008 fixed rats around. are they still packed with epoxy?

Frequently see middle aged bloke rocking sw8 tarck with turquoise green front aerospoke on my daily commute. 11/10 tarck is still alive.

The Spok Strikes Back was heaps better.

Harry Potter and the Infinite Sadness is my fave.

I’m not middle aged…

OK, maybe getting close

Ah fuck it, who am I kidding, my life is over…

If it’s you be prepared for skid requests. If not you, I’ll deal with receiving weird looks from fellow commuters.

well that was a let down

Yeah, what the hell? Just selling the same old shit. Not even a wide 650b disc wheel…


*wouldn’t actually

is it just someone blowing out a container of NOS crap or what?

To be fair, you can sort by newness.

yep and the second result when sorted thusly is “like new”, though i guess it’s OK cos they are “like wheels” but not really