Revelate Designs 'Tangle' Frame Bag

The basics:

Used for 2 months or so, round town, day rides and touring.
Mine is the medium. It has two zipped pockets, small on the left, large on the right. As an indication of size, the large pocket on my medum can fit 3 cans of beer with room left over, the small pocket is slimmer.
Bought for $85 shipped off

The Photos:

The thoughts:

Probably one the best bit of bike kit I’ve bought recently, this is partly due to the bag fitting my frame perfectly, but the build quality and utility of the bag is great.

Round town and on day rides I put all the things that are usually in my pockets/bag: keys, wallet, phone, cable lock, pump, snacks, spares etc, and it still has room to stuff a few right sized objects in. Replaces a small backpack.

Touring I put my tent poles and lock in the small left hand pocket and camera, wallet, phone, GPS, keys, lube, sunscreen, sunnies, cap and a few other odds and ends in the larger right hand pocket, it replaced my handlebar bag. Also fits beers really well. As a result the bike handled alot better (though I was also only running front panniers).

The zips have rubbery loops ends so its easy to zip/unzip while riding.

Note that its water-resistant not waterproof, there is a port hidden right at the front for light cabling etc and it lets water in, and I am dubious if the zips are 100% water proof, but the ‘floor’ of the bag seems to be water proof so water has a tendency to pool in the bag after heavy rain.

The straps will rub paint it’s not a problem with my frame cos its unpainted, but something to think about.

Also with my frame size (53/54) it is hard to get a 700ml bottle out of the downtube cage with a trad. cage, I put on a side entry one and its fine.

Result, I’m really happy.

Edit: can fit a ‘standard’ size D-lock in too, just need to take it apart, handy.

The RH zip has been a bit shit for the last few months too much dust and rough treatment on the road.

I got it replaced this week by Marty from Elephants and Robots. Also got some of the velcro stitched back on, as it was pulling off in places.

If you need some repairs done in Melbourne, can recommend him.

Good as new.

Marty is great. Endorseable human.