Revo Via chain performance system

Thought April Fools had come early this year. If you see a trail of oil during the TDU coverage, you’ll know why:

The world’s first chain performance system will ensure your transmission operates at maximum efficiency from start to finish, no matter the conditions. The Revo Via applies a precise quantity of our specially developed fluid to the chain as you ride, giving maximum power transfer to the wheel, smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission. The result – you get the most out of the effort you put in.

Has already been given the Bike Snob treatment:

I lol’ed at this:

“Best of all, it only costs a mere £250 to catheterize your bicycle”

i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this turn up on the orica bikes hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

Pro’s have been riding bizarre shite when it’s paid for since the dawn of bike racing, probably helps get the bik eup to the uci weight limit, also marginal gains, also maybe it micro doses the race day tramadol…