reynolds 531 bargain SYDNEY

In Beauchamp ST Marrickville, just down from the public school is a bunch of bikes on the footpath being sold by an old guy. I resisted temptation as I bought a bike yesterday. Here are specs…

Old 531 frame around 54- 55ish.

campag brakes, campag friction shifters( non brazed), cinelli stem, cinelli giro bars, nice levers.
shit steel wheels, shit crankset.

$50 ( i got him down to $40 ).

Anyone who doesn’t have a mortgage and a lot of bikes should get on to this.

My lady will be very very proud of me when I tell her how I resisted coming home with another bike…

FUCK! Go buy it for me!
(I’m in Melbourne hehe)

Your lady would have been more impressed had you bought it for $40, sold it to erle for $150 and took her for dinner at the local Thai joint (about $60) :wink:

the other $50 is for the just in case fund :smiley: :sunglasses: :evil:

I wish!! I’m on $20 a week pocket money ( self inflicted ) due to my family history of obsessive collecting ( my father- 20 or so motorcycles, tools, instruments, etc ).
In the past I’ve jumped the gate and blown my “savings” on something OK to see a mega bargain come up a few days later. You can’t have all the bargains and it’s good bargain karma to pass something on…
Also it doesn’t help when you blew all your savings the day before…

onto it.

did you get him?

nah, it was gone. someone picked up a bargain.

on my way home i passed a garage sale on crystal st, they didn’t have any bikes but i did buy a box of records for $60.
about 60 LPs, about half of them decent. lots of new order, joy division, violent femmes, devo, the cure, madness, b52s, prince, rick james, run dmc… made my day.

will take any cure you dont wont

only had disintegration, which i didn’t have and quite like actually.

gahhh I hate you :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode passed on Sat’dy evening - no luck though - he must have packed up for the night.