Reynolds 531 with full Dura Ace 74xx and spinergy wheels - 57/58cm - Perth Gumtree

I got aerobloke onto this, and he found out the guy’s asking price has been ‘advised’ by a bike shop - $1500 =O

Reynolds 531, full dura ace 74xx, webbed/gusseted lugs, racing number hanger, internal routing, looks like a very nice frame.

Maybe someone can smooth talk him to a more reasonble price, worth the trouble me thinks

2000 Reynolds 531 frame with Spinergy wheels & Dura-ace | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Lynwood

^ That webbing to the bottom bracket shell looks like that red Bundy that was on ebay recently.

How much for the disembodied hand?

interesting, the perth bike also has webbs/gussets on the headtube


That set of lugs was probably avaliable to all builders, not enough to say its a bundy. Nice bike whatever it is, the bike shop was pretty accurate in telling him what its worth, but sale price is a different story

That looks very nice indeed. Close up of downtube and crank shows the condition to be pretty good.

The bike looks very mint indeed, as for the price, the only way he would get $1500 is if he parted everything on ebay. Even then, would be a stretch imo.

If it was my size id be in the old guys ear 24/7 till he caved =D

Agreed, but thought it was interesting that two have popped up recently after not seeing one before.

If you need to ask you can’t afford it!

That worked for Ev: he hassled the seller until he got a $900 Hillman for under half the asking price… That was 531 will full tricolour 600, general condition slightly poorer.

True that, the only other frames ive seen them on are japanese eg: this

Yeah, I was about to say, user TJ’s 3Rensho track has similar webbed lugging. Regardless of what it is, it’s super nice and I’m too tempted to buy it. But I know it’s just too small, plus I really should be saving…

andy doo eetttt!!

but not for the asking price obviously

You’re a seriously bad influence, Jase.

you are deceptively tall andy

Haha! That’s definitely the first time I’ve been called ‘deceptively tall’. Usually it’s just: “Shit you’re tall!” etc. But yeah, I should be riding a 59/60 really. I guess I could make a 58 fit in theory…

add 10mm to your stem??..funnily enough i have an extra 110mm 3ttt one lyin aorund =D

How very convenient…well an e-mail has been sent to see if he’ll do it minus the wheels and for how much. Now we play the waiting game.

Edit: Also, I should check, was it 58 seat tube or top tube? Because if it’s 57 seat tube, I am so out.

and failing that i have a 120mm 3ttt stem that’ll surely help you out…

If I’m not mistaken I think jase was just guestimating those measurements. The old guy said his grandson was 6"2 so It may be on the 58+ side. If he doesn’t want to package it up I’m sure one of us Perth guys could arrange something with you?