Reynolds 853 roadie

Details on sizing very sketchy, looks like a 58cm to me.

Gipiemme Sonic Boom Road Bike Reynolds 853 and Ultegra group set | eBay

I ride a 58cm and can tell you its bigger than that. More like a 61cm i’d say

nup. 59 biggest

i’m gonna buy it just so me and roly can be twinsies

he’d have to take up hat-eating to really be your twin.

his sensitive scottish stomach couldnt handle it…

you should definitely do this!

hat with a side of haggis could work…

i’m intrigued by this line in his sale:

Very good condition, certainly a $5000.00 bike new

i’d be pleasantly surprised if this was true, but i suspect it isn’t.

hey trigger, would this fit you?? you did say you wished my frame fit you…

went for $500, which is a bargain IMO