Reynolds Tubed Whatchamacallit...

My New Fixie…
I’m a bit of a ‘noob’ but I’m getting there.

Not completely finished but almost there.

Reynolds Tubed frame. Not sure who built it but i think it was built in the mid to late 90’s. Features:

* Velocity Fusion Wheels, Velocity hubs, 24 spoke rims
* Nitto head stem and Handlebars
* dura-ace head set
* FSA crank, 48t sprocket (this will change to something more elegant soon)
* izumi gold chain
* Dura-ace 15t sprocket
* fizik bar tape
* shimano 105 front brake with cane creek lever
* vittoria tyres
* 'eBay special' old Brooks Saddle (guessing it's about 30 years old)

Waiting for my new stem and bullhorns to arrive. Can’t see it in the photo but it’s pearl white.

Any advice?

UPDATE: New Bullorns and stem have been fitted. Also go some real toe clips and a more suitable seat post. Got some lighting for the commute to work too.

I also had a closer look at the headset and it’s a 7400 Dura ace model so I now think the frame is more than likely a mid-late 80’s model.

You’re doing better than most.

Ride that thing!

Yeah I love riding this thing. Best thing is about riding these things so far is hitting about 50km/h before the traffic does. I just plain like going fast when I shouldn’t be. I just wish I had bigger legs to really get moving.

dont cut anything off.

good job son.

Looks good man!!

Although, what sort of foot retention is that? half clips??

I’d suggest getting something a bit better if thats the case, but thats it! ride it!!

Yeah… not sure how that happened. found these things. screwed em on. They’re actually kinda effective. I will put something nicer on when I get around to it.

yeah i had some for a while, are good for what they are but wait til you try to skid, results are less than desireable!!

Single cross on both front and rear 36h hubs?

Yeah, exactly. I bought em like that from the shop. Apparently someone had velocity make them up but then didn’t want them. Velocity gave them to Abbotsford cycles in Yarraville to sell when they first opened. I bought em 2 months later.

get some cable stops for where the shifters are meant to be mounted unless your into cutting yourself.

Very nice, my kinda ride.

UPGRADED/UPDATED…whatever… changed some parts = better bike

Far out that’s a hard gear, 48/15 would a lot more than most people could push very far! Great looking bike except the brooks, but I have a hatred of those on anything but porteur bikes.

48/15 is about perfect… might even up the size of the chain wheel. I like to keep ahead of traffic and this helps. As for the Brooks. I hate the look of it. But at the same time I can’t take it off. Best saddle I’ve ever had and it cost me $20 and I’m guessing is probably about 30-40yrs old, maybe older.