rhino vs the croc

Go Rhino you bloddy champion! i’d love to do that race one day… but mate, getting a spot on the crackingest crack team and helping out the reigning champ!!!
you the man. will be following it even more closely this year.
you’re doing us all proud by being there

Nice one Rhino!

Watch out for people throwing beer and yelling “YOU’RE SHIT!!”

Well done Rhino - you’ve come a long way from the days of the “Single Speed Smash Brothers”

This took a while to work out, as there were no links in this post (or did they not work JP?), but for those who don’t know:

Rhino’s blog
The Crocodile Trophy site

Go hard, but don’t melt yourself…


What did he do to his hand in the first place??

Hope it all works out mate!


Go Champ!!

When Rhinos Attack!


14th place. Excellent work Rhino!

Awesome stuff Rhino, I have enjoyed reading your blog during the race :smiley:

Nice work sonny jim!
2nd for team as well , great.

GOTTA get me some single track time soon now hahaha

Thanks FIXED mates…

I rode domestic for the Flight Centre Team…and with that Tim Bennet got third, so I am happy. As a team, we came second overall.


Harder still with a broken Thumb. It meant I would sit my left thmb on top of my bars, which you can see in every photo…or ride with my hand off the handlebars. I changed the front derailer with the palm of my hand, and clicked back down with my right hand. Sounds worse than it is, you only changes gears twice every 100km.

I rode, did my job…whenever I could…and pulled mono’s up every incline I cam accross.

I had a great time, but have come home feeling pretty down. You race your heart out for 10 days, and come home…and everything is the same. I now serach for something new, harder.

I had a blast of a time. It was so hard that it became a joke. One stage had 90 kilometers of bulldust with corrogations. My hand took me to hell and back, the pain go so bad that it went away. Still, you could not take the smile away…

I met alot of great people, and some great contacts…

Riis Cycling anyone???

Got my new race bike the week before the start. Went to test ride it, to find the limits…I found them.

Well done mate, awesome effort.

Bit late, but SBS had 30min of highlights today. Don’t know if Rhino features or not, but I have it on the PVR waiting to watch it.

Happy to divx and post.

Hadn’t seen this thread before. Impressive riding, Rhino.

Nice work dude…

If you want something harder then try this:


A mate of mine from work did it a few years back and came in 4th overall.

This year 17 started and only 2 managed to finish 100%.