RHINO's Felt TK2

Cookies must mean you can’t see it. Changed Photo location.

58cm Felt TK2…thanks Eddie.
NItto Bars.
Sugino 75 Cranks.
'Simoneli" Hand Made Aluminium Hubs with ceramic bearings…
Hoshi Spokes.
Velocity Deep V Rims.
SLR Saddle.
American Classic Stem.

Thats it, not much else to a track bike…

That sounds nice, however pictures speak a thousand words, Rhino.


Now is search of a rear disk…again.


4 hours!!

On to it. The HED one.

If I buy, might get one of you lads to pick it up for me. The bonus, you can use it till I next get down to Melb…

How much will it go for?

I’d give it 250-300.
If it was Williamstown Melbourne, I would gladly pick it up for you mate. Round the corner, but is says NSW.
Good luck

Nice bike Rhino, and nice to see you back but your stem is the wrong colour and makes me wanna puke. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I was playing around with all my stems and this one felt the best. Will chance it to black, or change the seatpost to silver.

Excellent work :slight_smile: