Rhinos going away drinks.

going going-away drinks…nothing fancy, just choosing the GB in Richmond to have ‘one or two’ with the lads. Friday 9th at 6:30 start time.

So that would be tomorrow, Friday 10th? Is the GB in Church St, somewhere between Swan and the bridge?

You riding on Saturday morning?

Woops…yes, the 10th…tonight…

I think it’s little after that bridge/overpass but it’s too long since I’ve been out that way, but that’s the general direction.

I can’t make it as I’m having people over here for drinks and WAFFLES! Who would have thought a waffle iron could excite a guy so much?

Hmm, maybe I could make it there for a pint or two and be back before 8:00.

waffles and beer…how very BELGIUM.

So, I didn’t get there and had to have the extra pints here instead… so maybe this is all just a good reason to head up to Brisbane in the semester brake to check out the fixed scene up there.

jesus, not much notice mate…

all the best though rhino - i probably wont be seeing you for a looong time. which i will be explaining about in another post :\


…you’re having cornea surgery?

  • Joel

there never is much notice for anything, I wasn’t even sure that I would have been coming back to Melb. No drama…