Riccardo Ricco - a sad tale.

Italian cyclist ‘performed stale blood transfusion on himself’ | Adelaide Now

He must have forgotten to put it in the fridge!

oh man, that’s kinda sad. At least he was honest though, that’s fairly refreshing.

It is sad, but it took his kidneys to fail before he fessed up. That’s pretty f@cked up.

Man that’s terrible! When they talk about doping does a transfusion count? It was legal back in the day wasn’t it.

renal failure is shithouse, maybe my pro-drugs-in-cycling stance isn’t so awesome after all.

Everything was legal back then! - remember when you could eat cryovac steak? ah, those were the days…

I am currently reading a book called “Bad Blood” about doping in the Tour by Jeremy White and I am coming to the same conclusion - although I was never pro drugs I was very anti, my reasoning has changed.


An excellent summary of the issue from the always intelligent InnerRing.

Wow. When I saw this thread I first thought you were implying he had died.
This dude sounds pretty heinous though but its best not to judge because there is no doubt that many in the pro peloton are trying push themselves for the GC riders, a lot of pressure to deal with I would think.

I think it’s okay to judge Riccardo in this case- he’s done it plenty of times before…

Blood Doping

"In 1998, the Australian Defence Forces approved this technique for the Special Air Service Regiment. Senior nutritionist at the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organization Chris Forbes-Ewan is quoted as saying that, unlike in sport, “all’s fair in love and war.”

Good to see the ADF leading the way!

A recent survey by the journal Nature found that 20% of respondents (majority of respondents were from the scientific community) admitted to using some form of brain enhancing drug (other than to treat a pre-existing condition). Basically they used drugs (Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Provigil (modafinil)) to increase concentration, mental alertness, reduce distraction, etc. In my mind this is no different from using performance enhancing drugs in sport, but I’m happy to hear other peoples thoughts.

What I find interesting is that in many professions, not just pro sport, we are under ever increasing pressure to get better results. In science as much as sport there are plenty of people who are trying to get noticed, and who will do anything to get an edge on the “competition”. Like sport, science is about results, but instead of races it is papers. The more races you win (papers you write), the better your chance of a good contract (grant) at a leading team (Lab/University). The deals I sign aren’t going to be multi-million dollar contracts, but they will still determine whether I will be able to feed my family for the next 3 years.

We are in the middle of grant writing season at the moment hence why I’m procrastinating on the forum so much. The air around the University is tense, and the coffee shops are doing a roaring trade fueling the late night writing sessions. I can tell you that in my current state of mind if I found out that one of my colleagues was taking drugs that they wouldn’t be leaving here via the front door.

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahah ha!

well, what are you waiting for? Get on it!
The differences are obvious. One is a physical activity that has clearly defined rules about what is and isnt allowable. the other is a mental activity that has no constraints on what is and isn’t allowable. (as long as you don’t get caught by authorities for having false prescriptions i guess)

no to mention a shitload of “corporate” types blazing the old crackpipe in the toilets to give them a little bit of a boost

I just don’t understand how he can be so dumb on so many levels. An explanation in itself I guess…

An interesting cyclingnews editorial here

Opinion: Ricc

Particularly the many laughing “with” and “at” moments that Ricco misses.

And if it wasn’t for cocaine, baseball would be really boring.

Pittsburgh drug trials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

FTFY. soccer, afl, rugby league, athletics, cricket, et allllllll…