Richard SACHS CX TEAM Bike

Richard SACHS 57cm Team Cyclocross 2009 very nice | eBay


i missed out on a heap of the team jerseys, knicks, vests that was on the bay the other day, over ten items $150. :mad:

Wow. Don’t see many of those come up on eBay. Or anywhere.

I find it interesting that this is for sale after reading this by Mr Sachs

we have only elite lever riders and they are fully supported for equipment, entry fees,
clothing, travel, and similar. ps no one keeps their bicycles. the team owns them atmo.

From new RS team rider Dan C.

So are the Richard Sachs frames yours to keep at the end of the season? Or is there a buy it option? Or do you have to go on the 10year waitlist just like everyone else if you want to keep a frame?

Like most teams with this type of support structure we do not get to keep our bikes at the end of the year. I know he does sell them at the conclusion of the season. So I would assume he would sell them to us if we wanted to buy them. [/i]

Im saving for some wheels at the end of the HS tour.

Snail: You can get in on the 11/12 RS CX team kit, it’s open to all you know?

there have a been a couple of lots of RS gear go up on ebay. each time its eRitchie selling it.

prices have been good (~30-50 bucks for BNWT rain jackets and winter jerseys) but i have a surplus of kit right now…

Also, that frame was 55.5cm TT. If I didn’t already have a sweet CX bike I’d have been sorely tempted at the opportunity to own a RS.