Ride for Myles

For this weeks Melbourne Saturday ride we’ll have a special guest of honour.

All Hail the Son of Rogaine!

The last time we had a guest of honour it was ndf. It’s important to provide support for people who’ve lived for any time in Brisbane.

Saturday 20th January 7:30am
Corner Swanston St & Elgin St, Carlton

Ride for Myles!

No idea where we’ll go or what we’ll do, but it will be good. It always is.

You’re kidding me, Myles is going to steal my thunder!

The obvious question is, will Father of Myles also be there?

Wonder if I can find my bike/helmet/shoes in time…

Could we still do the ride in kilometers? I wasn’t around in 1966, so it’ll be confusing for me otherwise.

Only in spirit.

Should be an interesting ride though, since the guest of honour has to make all the decisions and he doesn’t know where he’s going.

You ought to be shot for that.

Wasn’t Wednesday supposed to be Blakeday? You can still have that one.


I hope I don’t get you all lost :smiley:

Well I was thinking of going to the Boulevard and Ive asked Pete to bring a Stopwatch for reasons to be found out on the day. If Im late, im probably lost by the way.

Oh no!

You’ve been listening to ndf too much…

Him all his talk about the the boule

(now where’s a smaller rear cog…)