Ride - Sat Morning 1 Aug

Saturday morning 8am. Kamberra Winery Carpark. Probably out to the lake and back along the old Fed Hwy.

Followed by breakfast at Spill the Beans.



Heading to the snow this weekend. Count me out sorry!


Nice one. The snow was AWESOME last weekend. Will be heading up again ASAP.

Count me in.

Awesome ride peoples. I am definitely hurting though, not sure if it was the ride or the 2kg of french toast and toppings i devoured at Spill the Beans.

Thinking i may make this a regular occurrence. As it is an out and back anyone can come along and if they aren’t feeling up to it can turn around at any point and be picked up on the return. Will keep you all posted.


Beautiful morning for it, and the brekky was GREAT.

how fast did you guys go?

Um, i think we covered 60 or so km in 1 hour 45, so 35ish km/h.

I was on 73 gear inches, while Damian had 69 or 70 i think. Steve was geared down and cut his ride a tiny bit short so we caught him back at the cafe.

It’s a perfect fixie ride though, nice and undulating without any real hills.


that is smoking fast!! pace lines?

awesome work dudes. i’ll definately be in the pick up group if i come next time. i think last time i rode at about 27km/h

You would be fitter now though Trev?

i’d like to think i am - but i still only manage 29-30km/h from downer to tugg.

Thats pretty quick dude. If I get from Manuka to Kambah with an average of 30km I am stoked… and usually dripping with sweat.

That is pretty pacey! I average similar speeds to trev along similar routes, so I think I’ll be with him in the Kenny Van Hummel peleton.

Either that or I will htfu and just hang on for dear life to the fast pack. I am definitely keen to come on the next ride.

put the word out next time you do the ride ty and i’ll come along if i’m not working. i like ‘ciaran’s htfu and hold on for dear life’ method, i might give it a shot

I’m really looking forward to a solid week in town. Third week of September perhaps? I’ll have completely missed winter!