Ride this Sunday morning! BNE>GC>Byron>Ballina

Myself and Melbournite Liam are embarking on our BNE>SYD ride.
We would love all the support we could get on our first leg. We are headed south of the boarder to Byron or Ballina still to be decided. Join us as far as you want!
All are welcome to ride to the Gold Coast with us, where we will stop for some breakfast before we continue further south.

Gear Brisbane @ 5am. Roll out soon after that. Fixed/SS/Road I don’t care.

See you there.


I’d love to come for a hack Gypo but still moving house etc.

What about all your cards and roses that will be delivered to your house?
You won’t be there to receive them… :cry:

ps what steed will you be riding to Sydney?

really would have loved to do this again but being my girlfriend’s birthday and valentines day on the same day makes it a tough ask…

good luck.

Id definitely ride out to GC with you guys, depends on when i can pick up my bike from the airport. when it gets there… hopefully before sunday!