Ride to Conquer Cancer 2013

hey chums

I’ve just registered for this. be a winner and sponsor me.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre: Mr. Murray Ramon McKenny - The Ride to Conquer Cancer Australia

mods, i’m gonna be bumping the shit outta this.

I already conquered cancer. Just gimme some money.

I’m short of cash but happy to buy you an ice cream one day :wink:


and if you do the whole ride with a tight gentleman’s perm, you know i’m down for a coupla pineapples.

This still has to happen. My brother still has the url: www.gentlemansperm.com

that URL can be very, very easily misread…

Only if you have a dirty mind, Mr Cox. Also, it went completely unnoticed until we actually registered it the first time. Gonna get my bro to re-activate it.


ok, no haircut until the ride. i know a hairdresser, so hopefully he’ll be able to sort me with some sweet jheri curls.



FOA wants pics of the whole process.

I chucked in $10. Not much I know, but I guess it all helps.

thanks man!

the senior execs at work are gonna get an email where i promise to make them look good (via charts, probs) for any donation over 100 clams.

hey mates. just finished screwing cancer in it’s arse for a bit.

cheers to those who donated.


i only took one, of a seagull. which was mostly for heavymetal and rolly’s benefit.

RIP Glen <3

Did I even donate to this? Can’t remember. Lemme know and I will if I haven’t.

slipped my mind too. can i still donate? i don’t really care about the gentlemansperm.

I believe slinky is doing this too. Matching perms!