Ride - Weekend 19-20 Sep

Well, was going to do a proper ride on Sat morning but forgot about the swap-meet.

So, anyone up for a casual ride anytime on the weekend, pubs included? Haven’t had one since Autumn.

The Royal Hunt is on also, not sure what the go is there, they had an ad on here then it disappeared, odd. Anyone thinking of heading there???


casual ride sounds good man. i think it’s going to be beer weather all weekend round so i’ll be in for whatever.

I will be heading to the Garage sale in Deakin in the morning followed by some Stromlo action. I was going to head off to that Royal Hunt thing but yeah… no info so no go.

If people did want to go to the royal hunt, the dealio is 1pm signup for a 2pm start from ‘the front’ in lyneham.

I’m going to go along and tool about on my bike, but not enter. The drop off point for the tokens is at the front, so I reckon I will be somwhere near there for most of the arvo.

The info has been pretty scarce though, the only reason I know is my mates are organising it.

Hell yes, let’s do a pub ride.

Saturday arv/evening is best for me - busy Sunday.

Me and a few mates are goin to the Deakin garage sale, and we plan to go in the Royal Hunt, but we dont really know whats goin on there???

This would be a great place for one of the organisers of the royal hunt to jump in…

Anyway, could start at a Dickson pub and finish at Zierholz brewery, lots of pubs and riding in between???

That way southsiders do the km at the start, northsiders do them at the end and we’re all happy.

Sounds pretty sweet. Start at tha OCI maybe? Say 3ish? (enough time to check out the Royal Shunt first…)

Sounds like a good idea. I’m in.

Bugger! I just got some crank bros egg beaters, but the cleats I had to put in my shoes are too long for the pedals to clip in. If anyone going to the royal hunt around 2pm
has any crank bro cleats they can spare and bring along, call me on “oh four one 7 473 239” and I’ll purchase them from u.

I have some, but no phone. I’ll bring them and you can have them for 1 billion dollars…i really have no idea how much they cost. We’ll sort something out though.

awesome :slight_smile: thanks ty!