Rider down..

After a close call with a distracted driver about 2 minutes after leaving home, I got down to Bridge Rd to find a couple of cop cars and a paramedics van working on a guy lying on the road. Looked like 2 roadies out on a breakfast ride and a car took one out.

So, a reminder that they’re out driving drunk, speeding, distracted by xmas shit and will run you over to get that parking spot outside the shops.

FFS wear a helmet and ride safe over the Xmas break.

no shit.

believe it or not, i nearly got taken out by a car on a BIKE PATH last night.

was cutting through the jolimont park behind punt rd/MCG and on the cycle path/walk way where cars are allowed to drive at times to park on the grass.

as i turned to go up the hill i was next to a soccer type mum in a silver tarago who suddenly drifted hard left to get in the emptier left hand queue and nearly ranme off the path before i started punching the window and screaming at her.

totally scared the shit out of her kids in the car (good - i hope you get plauged by nightmares for years of scary guys on bikes attacking you through windows) and she wound down her window and started yelling back telling me to to calm down and (here comes that old chestnut…) that she “didn;t see me there”

dunno about you but if there is one place i would expect to see bikes and to look out for them would be a bike path!

Sunday was out of control. Riding with some friends(brunswick-city-abbotsford), we got fucked with no less than 5 times. Xmas drivers can suck a dick.

Another two down: http://www.theage.com.au/national/cyclists-critical-after-smash-with-car-20081224-74vc.html

Hit from behind. Fucking awesome.