riders discount at the COFFE VAULT.

New cafe in the heart of Melbourne,
Loacted: vault 1 banana alley, near the corner of Queen st and Flinders st, next door to the gym
ride in and get a discount on coffee.

Coffee and a muffin (voted best muffins in Melbounre by the age) $5.50

thanks guys

If i was naming a place Coffee Vault I’d want to be winning coffee awards, not muffin awards. But maybe I’m being too quick to judge. I’m in Sidknee, but maybe one of the Melburnites can comment on how good the coffee is?

Good luck with the new caf, I’ll start dropping in for sure.

Snowflake, Horatio, Mckenny & I went on Friday.

They use Illy, I had a long black, served in a latte glass which spilt when put on the ceramic saucer. Tasted fine though.

Mckenny had some soup too, looked tasty.

I usually go to BBB for a CBD fix, or Cup Of Truth in Degraves subway, but would drink there again.

Steve Agi (aka the over caffeinated caffiend) hit them up today too.

I was surprised that he was surprised that we were ‘riders’, given that I was wearing a Campag T shirt and you were carrying a chainring :slight_smile:

Coffee was all right. It’s a shame that I actually ordered hot chocolate.

So how much is a coffee there sans muffin for ‘riders’?

Is this meant literally? Am i going to be arrested if i ride in?

The place is so small I don’t think you’d fit the whole bike in.

such a shame…i had such a great mental image.

Coffee was good. I think he said the bike discount makes the coffee $2.50 rather than $3.50

perhaps if you had been wearing a yellow netti…

Open up the back door for ‘ride thru’. I’m not a big fan of Illy as a general rule, but good luck with the cafe!

Then he might’ve charged more!