Rides in Melbz this week

I’m in Melbourne this week an would like to find other FOA peeps to ride with. I brought my roadie and my CX and I’m up for anything really, road or dirt, short or long, early or later… Let me know if you’re keen (if longer rides, Thursday or Friday better)

I’ve had a few recommendations from WCP, especially the Tuesday morning Hell 500 ride (thinking of giving it a go tomorrow morning) and trying to follow previous Gravel Grinders routes (sounds cool but without cue sheets it’s going to be a bit tough I reckon).

There’s a Fixed Gear Melbourne ride tonight down Beach Road direction, 7pm at the State Library. Late notice and may not be your thing but come along.

Most of the MGG cues are up online on the blog or I can help with the last three.

Was thinking about doing the ‘night grinder’ mgg route thursday or fri to run some gear in.


got a feeling blakey and co aren’t going to up the top of bowden spur showering us with goodies though :frowning:

paging aeons, bring yourself and sscx so i have company on the hills.

Might be a tad wet…

Cheers this sounds great, I’d be in for Friday.

Mike, I went to the MGG site and found plenty of cue sheets - spoiled for choice :slight_smile:

I know, right!
A great reason to move.

Mt Eliza Saturday

I’m in for a dirt ride thursday or friday, looks humid and wet on thursday so maybe friday might be better. Any MGG route will be great so your choice Che. Looking to road ride this weekend (might pm you swuz).

Don’t you like having the Frenchy around?

Also, I might be keen on a MGG ride. The night grind is a good one. Have ridden it twice.

You saw right through my subtlety

If Sat/Sun is an option I would be keen. Am in the office during the week :frowning:

^ I’m going back to Canberra on Sat so WE is not going to be possible. But Swuzz suggested a ride to Mount Eliza.

Planning to do the WNR today, and a dirt ride on Friday that Che mentioned earlier in the thread.

Yeah I thought that might be the case. No worries! (I should have taken another week off work!).

rolling out of hurstbridge at 9.30am if anyone else is keen.

8.08 from flinders st will get you there. Get on the 1st carriage to hang out with aeons and he can tell you stories of how i wore 10 jackets to descend a wintery donna buang

Manatra I can ride on Saturday (I think) if you’re free. Liam says we live close to each other.

and 3 pairs of gloves! p.s. plz don’t bring a massive backpack with a kitchen sink in it tomorrow.

youse are gonna get really wet.

And get wet.

true, one of my most memorable rides I was soaked for 6hrs.

Still tempted… Any rides you’ve been hankering for Aeons? I’m living down in St Kilda at the moment but can come across town or meet you at Southern Cross station.