riding at night

Is it just me or is riding at night one of the best things in life? I love spinning through the city when it’s empty, with just the hum of power and the slick of traffic lights. Empty streets are so fast.

I’m really keen to do some night riding on trails too but can’t afford a good set of lights.

You’re right.

Yep I agree, night riding is great.
I ride home at midnight and get home faster than when I work day shift.

Last night in Melbourne - worked late, rode home. Balmy, no wind, sublime.

+1 for riding at night.

even when it isn’t that late, but still dark. the traffic in the city seems to flow nice.

I often find myself on the computer late at night longing to go for a ride. Unfortunately only my lumpy mountain bike is in working order at the moment, and it’s really not as fun.

City night riding is great, provided there isn’t anything stupid on like a Grand Prix or Football (fucking football fans).

Night trail riding is even better: same trails but now with Mild Terror!

Just ridden home.

Loved it.

Except I couldn’t see through the rain!!

Nightriding good? Hell yes. 4 lane zig-zags all the way up Bridge Rd 2AM Sun nyt yeehaaa!

When I’m not drooling at their products or checking my bank balance to see exactly how distant I am from ever being able to afford anything from their stuff, I find the Rapha site has some pretty good reading on it. They’ve got a pretty cool article about the ‘Dunwich Dynamo’, an overnight ride. Sounds so damn fun.

The articles on that website are so good for glorifying the pain of cycling, and also the brilliance of two wheels and pedals.