Riding on Nylons...

Hey all’

You know some tyres inside have a nylon belt…and when the tyres worn out the nylon tend to peeek out to indicate u have to change tyre. Have anyone keep riding on nylon until the tyres fall apart or blow out?? Wouldnt it be dangerous??

It sounds really dangerous…


you’ll get a blowout eventually, when something pokes through the tyre and bursts the tube.
you’ll hear a loud bang, and then you’ll have to stop. inability to stop at this stage because of the fact you have nothing to brake with may cause death.

Generally yes

I was going to suggest that you should speak to Roguedubb…

Or anybody who 'participated in The Drags.

but then I realised that ‘riding on nylons’ is somewhat different to ‘riding in nylons’

…though perhaps both are similarly dangerous.

ahaha nah I was watching this video clip. Someone from the state riding on some trashed tyres. I wonder wouldnt it be dangerous.

Oh well…

Probably. I’ve done it before and my rear tyre has a few largish bits of rubber missing at the moment. I’ll let you know if I die.

i’m wondering why anyone would even bother.
a new tyre isn’t that expensive.
you can find cheap junker tyres at any bike shop for the cost of a few beers or a packet of smokes.
i guess it all depends on what you think you’re worth.

(edit) sorry. long, hard, annoying day full of muppets and fuckwits.

Yerrrr thats wat I dont get why ppl in US do that. CST tyres cost 29.95/pair… I dont know the quality of them but yer…


In my case it’s just laziness.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been riding around with a tyre in my backpack
just in case :slight_smile:

When you start leaving white skidmarks rather than black, it’s probably time to change the tyre.

leaving white skidmarks instead of black skidmarks will inevitably lead to brown skidmarks…