Ridley/Yeti ??

Been thinking about buying a cx bike for some time now, as I’m not to keen to ride my Pinarello roadie off the beaten track.

Been looking at the Yeti arc x frame set with Sram Rival (McKenny gave a strong nod to the rival), but also like the look of the Ridley Crosswind, maybe with Ultegra?

What are peoples thoughts on either of these two, as far as frames go? Value for money etc?



paging nikcee

I bought the crosswind to build up. Haven’t done so yet but the reviews were good. And it’s Belgian!

Shifter dan has an alloy yeti which may be the same model. I understand it’s pretty stiff but you should check directly with him.

The Yeti ARC X is a really nice frame but would have to be one of the most expensive aluminium CX framesets around- I understand the local RRP is over $1100.00. The Ridley Crosswind is literally half the price. I’m sure either would build up into a great bike.

In fact on the cheaper end of the scale, the Kinesis CX frames are great value too- user benzy has one I believe.

i’e read many good things about the van dessel gin & trombones, too

horatio - you should try not to comment on areas that are out of your expertise. there are definitely more expensive alu frames out there (local or otherwise).

the kinesis frames get a thumbs up from me for bang for your buck. focus on the top end of their range (and look at wiggle and the usual online bike stores).

the arc-x can be found for a very decent price if you use a little googling. they come pretty highly recommended from various sources.

ridley have an outstanding rep in the 'cross world and that frame sounds pretty good, it looks like competitive cyclist have them for a great price right now.

keep an eye on ebay as there are a deals going on for closeout frameset stock in both the US and the UK as well as slightly used race frames.

Geeze nik loosen up mate

The ARC X is very expensive for what it it is all I’m saying. Pretty sure the price is excluding fork too.
Where can you get the Yeti from online out of interest? My understanding is the Aust. distributor doesn’t let parrallel imports into Australia.

Hmmm, food for thought. Yeti can be sourced from Competitive Cyclist + there is a few local shops here in Sydney that stock Yeti, and can get them in.

Sizing is another issue?? My Paconi track is 59.5c-c seat tube, and is too small. My Pinarello FP3 roadie has an effective c-c measurement of 62cm which is perfect. Are CX frames best a tad smaller for a bit more leg over clearance or am I wrong?

Thanks again for the help.

Pretty sure Competitive Cyclist won’t sell Yeti to Australia

Horatio: Not trying to be narky, but the information you had listed was false.

Jenson USA has what youwant… priced between 700 and 750 (frame only). Fork shouldn’t cost you too much from the same place.

Use freight forwarding to avoid excess shipping/importation limits.

CX frames are now recommended to be the same size as your roadie. drop and move forward the saddle slightly to allow for more power and easier remounts. If in doubt I would def err smaller rather than larger, but if you can go close to the same size do that.

Don’t Velogear have the Voodoo Wazoo frame + fork? From what i recall they’re decently priced, and have been spoken quite highly of. I believe Blakey has one, and also another user posted a recent purchase of one?

A friend of mine rides the Ourimbah DH track on his yeti CX, and has hit 80kph+ on the oaks firetrail in the Blue Mtns. They are really nice frames. I have nothing more to add.