RiGi rare italian pursuit track frame

Small dent in the TT doesn’t look to bad, someone should definitely buy this.

RiGi rare italian pursuit track frame lo pro fixed gear | eBay

that split seat tube irks me a bit, not the split itelf, more how it all joins. =(

Yeah I just looked at it again and the way it joins to the seat tube looks pretty bad.

not a lot of finesse in the building? head tube close up doesn’t look awesome, would rather have seen it bedore repaint

edit: but for the right price i’d give it a go

yeh, nothin a bit of bog and shit load of sanding wont fix.


what about the seat post bolt situation?

No idea about rigi, but this doesn’t look very tidy at all, and then throw on top of that a cracked seat tube…and what’s with the rear drop outs, smooth weld from the tubes to the drop out but it looks like it’s been joined at a funny positon…??

It looked good at a quick glance, the closer I look though the worse it gets.