rim fvcked? wheelbuilder question

I should probably know the answer to this but here goes anyway:

My rear Record/OP roadie wheel got hit by a car a few months ago and has sat in the shed for a few months before attempting to repair. It came away a bit buckled, didn’t look tooo bad but I have trued it three times in the last fortnight, each time taking the tension right down and carefully dialling it up with the aid of a tension guage (although can’t get the tension even or balanced…). Despite repeated stress relieve - true - stress relieve - true cycles etc the fucker just won’t stand. Seems the rim is too far out of shape. Can it be brought back or is it a lost cause?

(FWIW the build is 32h 3x, with 14/15 DT comps. I like to use them as windy day crit wheels).

If it’s been damaged, I wouldn’t recommend trying to repair it just by adjusting spokes. I’d be completely de-tensioning all the spokes, observing the shape of the unstressed rim, and attempting to bend it back into shape, if necessary, before re-tensioning.

+1 but the heavy dish of a rear Record hub generally requires a straight rim to be durable. A front wheel can more easily cope with a dodgy rim.

good point

and thanks blokes

Reckon my rim’s toast too?

Salsa La Raza Aerohead 650B by ah_blake, on Flickr

Salsa La Raza Aerohead 650B by ah_blake, on Flickr

Nah, that’ll buff right out…

what he said…

the whole bikes ruined… give it to me and i’ll dispose of it.

Want to see it? I rode it in today. It’d go nicely with the new narrow minimoto tyres Pacenti are making…

New rim on the way.

Wanna buy an Open Pro - real cheap?

Nope, it’s 622, not 584.

Of course, what was I thinking <facepalm>

[QUOTE=Blakey;285807]Reckon my rim’s toast too?

No eyelets. High spoke tension. (Dare I say) Velocity. Wa Wa Wa Waaaaaaah.

Given my beardo 650B inclinations, what do you suggest as an alternative? Velocity do the eyeletted Synergy, the wide P35 and perhaps the Dyad. Sun make a CR18, but not available in Oz. Mavic are no longer available, Stans are for MTB and discs.

therapy? and a good dose of modern technology? =P

Didn’t Ambrosio have a couple of 650B offerings at some stage? I may be wrong, but I recall seeing them in a catalog at some stage. Worth checking out Blakey.

CC, sounds like the rim might be too far gone, let me know if you want a replacement rim.

Cheers but I had a fresh one spare in the Aladdin’s cave. The bung one just has a slight lateral bow in it and a bit of a flat spot. Might take the rubber mallet to it and see if it can be salvaged for front wheel use. I’d be too anal to race on it.