rim repair

can you repair a rim that is starting to fail at the join? say for example this straight edge clincher? i am thinking repair to this would be ill-advised, but if there’s anyone who thinks otherwise please share some knowledge

Rims are cheaper than teeth.

How well would the spoke tension close that gap?

Just curious…

buy it and find out, ill bring a camera to document the results of your first ride

Nah, cause then I’d have to a) find money for it and b) get it built.

c) check health insurance cover

I reckon I’m pretty good with that. Haven’t claimed on it… yet.

Is it really going to fail catastrophically? I wouldn’t buy or ‘repair’ a rim like that, It suggests that it has been flogged. But I’ve had mountain bike wheels that have started to open up at the joint like that and none of them exploded on me. Or was I just lucky?

the question shoud be - how are they actually joined, originally? Internally pinned? Spot welded? can Goose shed some light?

do you mean “life insurance”

They would be joined and glued, the same as 99% of ours.
That is a fairly large gap, but spoke tension would definately close it up.

I cant see where it states what spoke drilling it is.
A higher spoke count, 28,32 etc would have more tension around the join as the drillings are closer.
A lower spoke count , 12,16,20 etc which this probably is, would be drilled further apart, resulting in less tension
around the join.
Not to mention the sidewall not lining up again, resulting in a lip.

My opinion, save your time and money and buy a new rim.

sweet, thanks guys, wouldn’t pay anywhere near that much for a partially busted rim, but nice to know