ok. i busted a spoke the other day; my rim is warped and the hub was on the way out, anyway.

i have just bought some 32 phil fixed/free hubs from a friend in the US.

suggestioins for what rims i should get them laced to? just got some old dura ace rims laced into some deep-v’s by dan but am thinking something a lil lighter…

Araya? Don’t know how light they are, but they are damn sexy!

ive got Araya Super Aeros, not made anymore so they are kinda hard to find.

I’m not really sure how strong they would be if ridden quite hard, i’m not a small guy but i like to think of myself as a relatively smooth rider.

unfortunately my rear one is totalled… look out for cars kids.

Good hubs deserve good rims.

Mavic open pros or DT swiss are good choices if you can afford them.


DT Swiss RR1.1 - similar to Open Pros, which are also very good.

Also Mavic CXP33’s if you can still find 'em. Deep V look with added Mavic bombproof-ness or Open Pro’s

All good suggestions, but I’ll put a plug in here for the much discussed, and sometimes maligned, Deep V’s.

I ran head on into a car (actually it ran into me), folded the top tube, down tube and forks, but the front wheel came out unscathed. Obviously, I’ll get it checked, but there are no discernible marks that I can see and it spins fine. 2c

I caught a branch in my front wheel last year. I got thrown off, frame crumpled in three places. Open Pro still true as ever with only a ding in the spoke that caught the branch.

thanks all.