RIP Aerospoke

So I know the love for aerospokes doesnt run deep around here … but everyone seems to like seeing a broken one

I’ve had this for 3ish years now & it never did me wrong & was always smooth as butter … til I got it stuck in a storm water drain, stopped on a dime & bodyweight went sideways… wheel made a similar sound to a tibia/fibula breaking(bad memories) and now looks like this…

Its destiny now lies along a coffee table path

Though am open to suggestions what it could evolve into…

put it on ebay. easiest $200 you’ll ever make.
or paint it gold and give it as a trophy at an alleycat

If you give it to me i’ll make it into a trophy for the next alleycat!

Fuck yeah, lets have an alleycat!

2009 seems so long ago…

nice sweater, mr huxtable.

Relevant to your interests
The Cosby Sweater Project

Nice link Blakey

Good effort destroying a potato though, I hear they are quite durable…

How good was 2009, you guys?

my friend, i was already there.

Undo the locknut and tap the hub out with a rubber mallet, and find another rim. ( no difference in front or rear )

that site looks disturbingly way too close to the contents of my wardrobe…

so sad :frowning: