RIP Michael Jackson

He went off the rails at the end, but you’ve got admit ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ are amazing albums!


Totally agree. I think it’s a sad day.

Who cares if it got a little crazy there at the end, he was an extremely talented individual and nothing less than an icon.

Brilliant music career… Average video game career, check out the footage.


i always prefered Germaine Jackson


yeah some of his mid-80’s albums are pretty slammin.

The jokes have started:

Apparently his last wish was to be buried at sea… with two bouys.

my one after finding out was “they should give it a few months and re-shoot the thriller music video”.

he actually had the heart attack when he found out there was no childrens ward in the hospital.

Yeah, I’ve heard a bunch already. Mostly just rehashed old Jackson jokes.

my news feed

8 out of 9 related to him.

His (older) music was fkn unreal though… it has influenced so many bands/singers around now.

Take this Q-tip stuff:

Original J5 song:

As sampled by Q-tip in his track move…

… Which pulls cues from MJ’s film clip Rock with you.

Have a look at his Biillie Jean performance in 1983. WOW
When Michael does the moonwalk for the first time, the crowd is in hysterics!

Here they come.

They say you’re only as old as you feel, sad to see him go aged 11.

Michael left it in his will that he wants to be melted down and turned into a playstation so all the kids will still be able to play with him.

I for one will be buying tickets to the Jackson 5 reunion tour that’s just been announced… They’re 20% off.

What was MJ’s cause of death? Food poisoning. From eating a 9 year old sausage.

Farrah Fawcett reached the pearly gates, she was granted one wish. To which she chose ‘safety for all the world’s children’. So God pulled the plug on Michael Jackson.

Apparently the postmortem ruled out sunshine, moonlight and good times as causes of death. Also, while the boogie was a contributing factor, it seems it wasn’t the root cause. Unconfirmed reports indicate rat flu.

The cops can’t tell exactly what has happened. They say the evidence isn’t black or white.

The BBC in an effort to keep us constantly updated have now resorted to reporting on what Ashton Kutcher has been posting on twitter about this.

Having said that, he’s probably quite qualified to comment as he’s really no stranger to being touched up by 50 yr olds with far too much plastic surgery

haha…that’s the only one I’ve laughed at so far.


‘Police have confirmed this morning after the death of Michael Jackson that his body will be melted down and made into childrens toys - so they can play with him for a change!’