Ritchey P650B

Am building this just coz - wanted something fast and light for off-road, firetrails & flowy single track.

It sat as a frame for a couple of months with I chased down the fork and cockpit.

Bars, stem, post, saddle & headset have arrived. All Ritchey WCS.

First cut with a set of wheels I already had. I’ll build it with these while I sort out cockpit setup then do a couple of rides. The fork is the standard Ritchey WCS carbon number for matchy matchy to this frame. A weird axle to crown dimension of 459mm so it’s 100mm suspension corrected for 27.5" wheels.

Did umm & aaaahhhh about drive train from the moment I ordered the frame.
Lots of interwebbing showed these frames look much, much nicer with a 1x setup.
And if I do the longer rides I’m hoping to do on this I really wanted a narrow Q-factor crank.

These arrived during the week, along with the rear shifter that uses the new i-Spec II mounting - first XTR I’ve owned

M9000 XTR Race cranks with a 156mm Q-factor

I’ll be mounting a Wolftooth Drop-Stop 34T ring to the cranks.

XTR Race brakes have been ordered along with pedals & rear mech.
Cassette is the new M8000 11-40T with a KMC X11SL chain.
Rotors are RT86 Icetech as they will fit these wheels and I don’t know what wheels I’ll end up with and the RT99 XTR level rotors only come in centrelock.

This might be a reason to look at a set of White Ind hubs but it’s likely I’ll stick to Hope.

Future wheel set will probably be Nextie carbon but I’ll see how the Nextie rims I have at the moment build up and decide from there. Curve is the other rim option I’ve been looking at, maybe with some custom red/white/blue decals.

Not going fancy with the bottom bracket at this point

Will chase and face the frame, get this installed and go from there. Maybe Hope BB down the track.

Next step will be to get this down to the workshop, trim the steerer and get the compress plug installed so I can look at bar position. First steerer cut will be long so I can change things around if I need to.

This build looks like it’s running a lot of post, that’s because it is. The 400mm post it set at minimum insertion to give me the saddle height I run on my roadie. This is probably too high for this bike anyway but I’ll go see a guy and do a fit to see where things are at.

keen to see how much lighter this will turn out compared to my pig.

I love those ritchey frames. Following.

XTR anything = fancy!

this is looking so nice!

That fork looks much shorter than a 100mm correction in the pic, assuming theyre 27.5 wheels in there… Anyway, no difference, this will be a weapon :slight_smile: And keen to see how much lower you settle on for the saddle.

Fuck this is going to look awesome in your shed.

Plz. get this dirty.

Subscribed! I have same cranks and theyre sweet. I would recommend running xtr chainring instead of wt. the xtrs are stainless steel= cooler and more durable

Those forks are shit hot

so are the black on black cranks.

Keen to see this built.

This is badass.

Hope this doesn’t get built and forgotten about. Loving those cranks!


Amazing. Those cranks are sweet!

Yep inspiration!

Pretty much everything exept the Wolftooth ring has arrived.
More pics later today.

Edit: no pics, was kinda hoping that Wolftooth ring would arrive - it hasn’t

Spent time getting rattle can paint of a Stumpy with Ritchey tubing and dropouts.
Next week some time, chase & face BB, install BB cups and put brakes on then pics.

Heaps good, more!

What’s the update on this, been shredding it to death yet in the Adelaide hills??

So it’s finished. Had a bike fit at LBS, guy is pretty good & knows his stuff.

Couple of issues from the fit, I need more setback than the 15mm that the Ritchey post that I bought.
I need more sweep than the 9 deg than the Ritchey bars that I bought.
Basically I’m old & broken. And I’m not building this as a race machine.

My guy wasn’t happy with the chainline of the single XTR ring setup and found it had less than optimal shifting so fabbed a set of spacers to bring the ring more inboard. He would like to have it a further 1.5-2mm inboard but was limited by the length of the proprietary M7/T30 chainring bolts Shimano supply.

Anyways - here the finished build.

I have a black, alloy 400mm Ritchey post on order.

Still undecided on these wheels, was all set to get some bling bling wheels as I don’t know that the Sun Infernos will seal up tubeless.
Will get some kms on it before I look at wheel options.

And there are clearance issues in the rear with that Racing Ralph tyre.

Current build is bang on 10.5kg with tubes, heavy Shimano XT hubs & that Paul post.

That is rad! I nearly bought one myself.

build of the year. So good

Please bring this to canberra so I can ride it.

Sent you a PM, it might help/.