Ritte Ace

You’ll have to throw a review up over the next week or two. I know I’m looking at a Ritte for the next roadie build and I’m keen to hear some opinions. But this is a great looking build. Gumwalls make it too. Campy everything & 3T Stealth doesn’t hurt either!

balleur… like it…

Thanks mate.
The Ace is stiff! Super responsive, and shines when you ride it hard. Heaps of fun to ride. This is my personal experience.
I should probably disclose that I’m the Australian distributor. Feel free to flick me an email bob@skol.co if you want to talk about build options.
Does this break the rules on sales or advertising admin? I don’t want to piss anyone off.
We’re going to have a few of our test bikes in Melbourne towards the end of next month. We can organise a test ride if you’re keen.

this thing is wicked. Looks fast

Really loving those curve wheels

Nice, Koiled in Brisbane not doing it any more?

No, not any more.

fucking ace

+1 on gumwalls making it

might suggest some rubber o-rings where the cables rub on the headtube, skunkworks style =D

Maybe add it as your sig/profile? Or at least put it in your original posts when you’re posting a ride?

I didn’t want to put it in original post, as these are my bike and genuinely just sharing. Thought that might seem too much like I’m trying to advertise.
Will change signature.

I’m not a mod, but I think it’s fine now.

I’ll wait for the brains trust to decide, but IMHO it’s in your interest to sell bikes, and posting your ones is part of the process to achieve that, plus putting your contact details in your posts advertises your business without paying for advertising in the manner that other forum sponsors do.

This isn’t an attack on you, but there has to be a line between commercial and non somewhere. Plus the advertising rates here are hella cheap.

I’d rather the thread didn’t become about that. The mods can delete and message me. I’ll check out the advertising here.

Like I said, not an attack, just want to put the line in the sand in the right spot and keep the lights on at FOA.

All good, I understand. Have sent an email about advertising space.

Maybe I’ve had a bad run but I can never get those o-rings to last more than a few months before the silicon craps itself, dries up and cracks off?

You should be working on your bike every day.

This is hawt but i’d take the stainless one any day!