Rivendell & Pegoretti - 58cm - cheapish - Sydney gumtree

Pegoretti 830am 58cm Navy Blue | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Centennial Park


They are both seriously good buys. Is that Riv about Duncan’s size? Maybe we need to exert some peer pressure, he’s always had a soft spot for Rivendell.

These seem like seriously good buys. If only they were 2cm bigger

I suspect not even the master Pegoretti can make alloy comfortable… good buy!

If that Rivendell was a bit smaller it would be on its way to Melbourne as we speak.

Dude, it’s a RIVENDELL. You can ride a 58 Grant Petersen style EASILY. The extra reach is totally cancelled out by the Harry High Bars.

Buy it, then let me take it for a spin.

You need to see John Kennedy’s Riv… Shit is taller than my car.

I’ve seen photos, shit has more junk in it’s trunk than a dumptruck. (I prefer my junk on the front)

To be fair, I didn’t have any front panniers or hbar bag at the time. This has since been remedied, now I can surround myself with junk.


No more mad monos though.

Geezus! No “ish” about the cheapness… they are both screaming bargains. I wish was there, with money in my pocket.

ive sent the fucker 2 messages and tried calling but the number doesnt work and no reply from the messages,i want that RIV!

Ok so he’s gotten back to me and apparently he has returned from working in Australia for the past 2 years to Italy so he will ship the bike from there,this sound dodgy as fuck to anyone else? Think of reporting this wildman

Yep, dodgemeister.


So bummed really wanted it but: Hi ,

The bike is still available for sale, It’s in excellent condition. I have worked in Australia for the last 2 years and I’ve purchased the bike at a specialized concept store Sydney Jan 2011. My company wanted me back home, so currently I’m in Napoli - Italy. I can ship the bike from here directly to your home address and I am also willing to cover all delivery expenses. The best I can do is 900 and the right to decline the bike if it doesn’t satisfy your needs 100%. I look forward to your reply.

Regards ,

Joel Sumpter
Consiglio Ordine Nazionale Dottori Agronomi e Dottori Forestali


Where’s this specialized concept store? Cheeky?

payment via western union i suppose

Pegoretti is from Italy, just sayin

If Western Union or other dodgy payment method is required then yeah, scam.

A Specialized concept store would never sell a Peg or a Riv.

Totes scam.

Let’s hit him up for COD