Road and fixed

Dodici special.

Softride. I need to fix this up a bit, unsure where to start. Removed some decals that were in bad shape. Needs new bars and some other bits and bobs. Any suggestions as what u think I should do to this welcome. Im keeping the gears.

i tried to win a softride frame on the bay a few weeks back!! just give it a damn good clean and ride it!!

Really? I’ve never actually seen another one.
I have no intention of selling mine, but how much did it go for?
I need to replace the headset and seat before I can ride it properly. Headsets locks into position when it’s straight and it’s tricky to ride. Definitely can’t let go of the bars.
Its filthy I tried today just to give it a wipe down with rag and water with car wash stuff in it, but the filth is on good. What’s best way to clean it properly? Pressure hose?

Softride needs more bullhorn

one frame/fork combo went for $74 and a frame- no fork, with wheelset went for $85 lol

just strip it right down, hit it with the pressure washer/degreaser/whatever to clean it and give it a good scrub!!! They are so bizarre looking im just intrigued to ride one to see how flexy the beam is.

The beams came in different flex weights if I remember correctly.
Id put risers on it and a look ergo stem and ride it to death.

Woahhh that’s a gnarly setup, those horns look dangerous.
I looked on my beam, it says max weight 180 for all terrain, and 200 for road only use.
It flexes quite a lot, not when just riding, but speed humps and things like that it’s pretty interesting.
Thanks for the feedback.

Man I want a fuckin softride.

my dad won that thing fukin wierd to ride. columbus alle though.

All cleaned up and rolling again, just needs a couple more bits then I’ll be on it a fair bit I think.

Looks rad… except you seem to missing a brake.

Yeah I only had one lever to suit those bars and figure I’ve seen loads of people with single speed freewheels rolling with just a front brake, see how I go.

That cleaned up a treat. I remember seeing someone riding at the Spring Cycle last year, so you’re not alone.

so jealous!

i love soft rides