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I have had a CAAD10 for a few months and haven’t ridden it yet as I was initially trying to sell it to pay for an Overseas Uni course but this has just fallen through. So now I have the time to build a Road bike that I actually want to ride!

I’m looking to sell off the frame-set and put the Rival/Force gruppo on a Steel Road frame. I just have no idea whether it’s as simple as swapping parts over. The bottom bracket is BB30 with a Sram Force crank set, will this crank set be compatible on a steel frame?

Basically I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth doing it this way or if I should just sell the complete CAAD and buy a complete Steel Road bike!

Apologies in advance if this is an inane question, I have minimal knowledge/experience with Road bikes and I’d appreciate any advice/feedback!

Sell it To me

I dont think BB30 will work neither will the cranks.

edit: my bad,

What’s wrong with the Cannondale?

+1 I love my caad10!

It’s too fast, light and efficient. Only roadies ride racing bikes.

  • Joel

How the hell does someone with minimal experience of bikes go out and buy a $4k road bike and then not ride it?

Good salesman?

Well first of all it wasn’t 4k. I originally had gone in to get an entry level roadie. The bike store I went to told me they had 1 CAAD9 5 left in stock that they could order in for me, I accepted as it was a good price. A few weeks later the Bike store rang to tell me there was a communication error with Cannondale and there was in fact no CAAD9 left in stock. I had already paid for the bike so the Bike shop informed Cannondale of this, then about a week later Cannondale sent them this CAAD10 4 floor model for the same price.

I was appreciative of Cannondale for doing this so I obviously wouldn’t decline the offer of a great Road bike. About a week after I got this CAAD I got accepted into a Overseas uni course and realised I could sell this CAAD10 to help pay for it. (As Road bikes wouldn’t be of much use in Russia) That is the reason why I didn’t ride, to keep the value of the bike.

Now the course has fallen through and I am left with a bike that I feel I do not need. Hope that answered your question.

This is somewhat the reason, I am not a Roadie and feel it’s a waste to be riding a bike of this caliber when I may only ride it a couple days a week. So why not sell it and start another long winded project bike!

Just keep the bike man, Caad’s are a solid bike and it will serve you well, even if it isn’t ridden all the time. You don’t have to be a ‘roadie’ to have a road bike.

The Rear Mech will swap over as will the shifters. The front mech if it’s a braze on will swap if you buy a new clamp for it and or the the frame has the mount for a braze on, if the clamp is part of the front mech you will need to buy a smaller one for the road bike. As for the cranks if it is a true bb30 crank i.e a 30 mm axle you will need new cranks for the steel roadie one with a 24mm axle but it may be a 24mm crank with adaptors to fit the bb30 frame. If you reuse the bars and stem you will need a shim if to go from 1 1/8 stem to 1 inch fork if it’s thread less or a quill stem and new bars if it’s thread less. A lot of hassle basically.

^ Fantastic, thats what I was looking for. As I suspected it’d be a big hassle.
I’ll either keep it and ride it as HMC said or just sell it as a complete. Thanks for your help.

HMC is right. Just ride it. Whether a CAAD10 is “too good” for you is irrelevant. Cannondale make great road bikes. Just enjoy it. I’ve got a CAAD9 and there’s no way I’m “worthy” of great racing bikes.

Or Alternatively, get some trigger shifters and some MTB bars and have a kick-ass flatbar roadbike.

try telling that to katusha.

Post a pic? Come out for long rides and out-bling us all.

or just sell complete on here, buy a complete steel roadie and pocket the dif

This! actually could be cool.

I will go take a picture now and post it in the Roadie section.

I have no idea how to sell on here. -.-

Don’t put flat bars on it. It takes only a glance around any major city on a sunday morning to see thousands of cyclists whose bike outclass them. It doesn’t seem to bother them, in fact they take pride in it. Judging by the way they bulge out their XXXL US Postal team kit they don’t ride any other day of the week, either.

Just ride it - you will not depreciate the frame significantly by doing so. If you want a steel road bike, buy one complete. Bastardising the C’dale for parts will just reduce the value of everything.

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