road bike party two

Yowza! Especially at 3:50. Ashton, Akrigg & Macaskill, together at last.


Yeah 3:50, wtf just happened?

Danny, what a boss!

Also, Martyn is paralysed after a trick gone wrong.

So sad to hear. He has been a Giant of the trials world and more or less put the sport on the map.
Hard to confirm but it’s not 100% if there is any chance of recovery.

Hope Hubs, decision made.
That’s terrible about Martyn i grew up watching his trials stuff before every mtb ride

Turn it up to 11!

The riding in the video… lost for words…

Terrible to hear of Martyn’s accident. I guess they do tread a very fine line doing what the do. Very sad.

in fukking sane

dayumm…5.50 in video

pending medical advancements most likely living the rest of his days in a wheel chair…

Post accident interview. Amazing man.

Reasons To Be Cheerful - One, Two, Three | Rouleur | Journal

Sad that guy probably inspired more people to ride mtb than any one else


Martyn’s getting into handcycling.

BBC News - Paralysed stunt cyclist Martyn Ashton talks of sport dream

For those with facebook.

This guy is still loving life, and pushing his boundries.

Now he’s got an e-mtb and starting to get rad again