Road Bike Vitus 979 - Shimano 600 - ADL


No bids yet, not bad if you’re small…

He’s got a nice superlite too Repco Superlite Road Bike -Classic and in outstanding condition | eBay

i hear vitus frames crack all the time.

OMG I’m kidding, settle down the lot of you

i like this better than d vitus

Calling Spirito

Lol, second time in two days

C’mon guys, look for the hidden lols.

k o 2
greenmachine 0
horatio 0
blakey -5


I assume you’re in the negative Rolly?

why so?

Look I don’t understand the ‘game’ and I don’t like loosing, okay? :slight_smile:

k o has 2 points (1 for trolling you and gm), blakey loses 5 for spoiling the potential of more lolz and me, well i spotted it from the start :wink:

she’s crafty that k o…


I don’t even know how to change the colour so Greenmachine -internet failz

Back on topic: that Vitus is outstanding.

Oh, and I picked up on the lolz, can I be in the cool kids club?

Do people think that Vitus was built from NOS bits? Looks mint.


Definitely could take them off and sell as NOS*!

*Cue angry rants…

2nd’d, especially if it goes for les than $150.

I wonder how much Ben paid for the last pair of forks he needed?

Blue Vitus’ are so over rated :stuck_out_tongue: