Road Bike with Mountain bike frame?

I have a nice Orbea Sport all use bike and was wandering if it would be safe to put road bike wheels on it. It has front suspension.

Is it a 29er, or a hybrid with 700c wheels? If so, yes. But just don’t go doing backflips over 70 ft gaps on it.

60ft gaps are fine though

Alright thanks, was only looking to do 50ft jumps anyways.

Yeah, you’ll be fine with 50ft.

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I think 55 will be ok at a push :stuck_out_tongue:

buy some 70ft wheels, and you’ll be fine.

brakes? rear axle spacing?

Boyracer’s whip is this. 26" disc frame with rigid alloy fork & 29er disc wheels + drops.

if it has discs you shouldn’t have any problems

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