Road Bikes sexy?

Have seen plenty of ‘fixie’ shoots like this, not many with cervelos, felts, cannondale etc:

Easy Riders: 5 Beautiful Bicycles (And One Beautiful Woman) « Sharp for Men

*if in wrong thread - apologies

no bike is ‘sexy’

Sweet cervelo fixie!

Are they Look compatible Dunks? Rad.

But yeah, fuck this shit. If I wanna see a girl on a bike, I wanna see her riding it and ruling, not standing around posing with it, knowing full well you could replace the bike with car, boat, motorcycle, gun, giant fish…

Paul cranks? Clipless and sneakers? Bwahahahaha.


although quote from article suggests:

sorry, but this forum is not the place for this. you’ll get yourself banned quick if you go down this route.