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I want to run some maxxis refuse 40mm tubeless tyres and am looking at building some wheels to make that happen.

Looking at universal cycles, $110 AU for a pair of M8000 XT hubs sounds pretty great.

For rims, what are people thoughts on the stans alpha 400 vs grail? alpha a touch lighter and narrower, grail apparently all things wonderful. The grail video on their site makes me want to go the 400s. I dont care about sidewall machining or not.

i think one of the key decision is how high a pressure you want to run (or it was for the older grails).

V1 of the grails had some QC issues iirc… but they better support a wider tyre.

WTB rims?

JP, have you sourced the 60tpi or 120tpi 40mm Refuse? And where from?

60TPI, Geoff Universal Cycles -- Maxxis ReFuse DC/MaxxShield TR Gravel 700c Tire - Width: 32mm, 40mm [TB88896000, TB00200900]

Yeah, there are heaps of nice rims around, just wish there was a bit more visibility on what pressure theyre rated to… this may sounds ultra-dumb, but I reckon max inflation probably varies at least a little bit with diameter of tyre… and I reckon a rim can take more pressure from a narrower tyre. I have no reason for thinking this.

I guess I’d run a 40mm tyre at 50PSI max… and really, I’d almost bet my second favourite bike that a crest could take that no problems.

You’re correct. Here’s some example data

I would def look at a wtb kom rim or similar. And don’t the xt hubs have an issue with grenading? I’d need to ask someone who I’m pretty sure had a set self destruct in short order. Might have been ten speed.

I think you might be on to something… searching about pressures, found:
“All WTB Rims are Crotchet-Type. When inflation pressures over 72 psi / (5-bar) are used, appropriate rim base protective flap must be fitted.”


I do wonder if it applies to all rims and all tyres sizes though…

and edit, that chart is v interesting. Thank you mate!

Yes, pressure limits will vary on any rim with different width tyres.

Also, it was the generation previous to m8000 that grenades, maybe the current model is fixed…

"Mine commited suicide in 500miles after oregon outback and some road biking, so not really mountain biking

They used a quicker engagement freehub on the XTs. The innards either asplode and all the bearings jam up or the shell would just crack. Not sure why they are that bad but I think they’re all suspect except for the deore. The XTs also have bigger aluminum axle with smaller balls and some people have problem with that.

My 780 failed quickly and I had to ride it fixed gear for 100miles down from 6000ft.

Check the reviews. Someone spend money on a forth replacement after it failed?"

if you can do QR axle, “RS505. Centerlock, comes in 28/32/36h, 105-level bits, road 11s, cheap” or a dt350?

These are done.

Went to the LBS (Monkey Wrench Canberra) to talk to buds about the wheel options and they came up with some very nice kit. Ended up getting the refuse 40mm from them, and some Hope pro 2 evo that are now “superseded” by the pro 4s. Paired them with DT revs, brass nips and WTB frequency i19 team rims.

The build went kind of OK, the rims started out way out of true, but came back quick enough. What shocked me was the flex in them at 100kpghrf when de-stressing them (axle on floor, weighting rim). I’ve not felt a rim flex like that before, even ZTR 355 and crest, DT RR415, nothing. The nipples were unseating very noticeably. Anyway, I kept tapping away at it and they were pretty decent when I called it a day, though I was skeptical of their stiffness.

Mounted the tyres today, with stans 22mm tape, sealant and valves was easy enough (tried initially to bluff my way through with blue tape… it was not good), sealed without suds and with a high pressure track pump, valve core in. Took them for a spin at 55psi front, 60 rear and man, they feel good! A nice zing to them, spin up very easily and definitely a noticeable step up in steering directness. The wheels have ended up plenty stiff.

Wheels came in at 1760g without tape or anything, tyres were 525g each. Mounted up, the 40mm refuse measured 38mm on the 18.5mm internal width rims. The tyres really look and feel good, will report if things go astray with em.