Road or Track?

I’m wondering which is stronger. Might be a stupid thread but I’m thinking that an original road frame would be build to be stronger than a origianl track frame.
Your thoughts?

I don’t think you can come to any meaningful conclusions with a very generic question like that. It all depends on what specific frames we are talking about.

Road and track frames are designed for very different purposes, obviously.
Would you want to ride a thin-walled track frame on the Paris-Roubaix? Probably not.

Provide more details on what you’re really comparing.

There is no such thing as a stupid answer, just stupid questions.

a) who cares?
b) why care?
c) I could find 1000s of bikes built for track or road (from just a narrow year range as well mind you) that are functionally and structurally completely different and thus it makes it impossible to answer such a broad sweeping question.

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