Road Rides Around Canberra

I’m pretty sure you can take a bike path all the way from Deakin, going down Adelaide Ave, Melrose Drive, Athlon Ave, Drakeford Drive, Woodcock Drive.

Deakin has DoubleShot which is okay. A better cafe is Stand By Me in Lyons (south of Deakin… and relatively on the way to where you are heading).

I can draw you a map to get to Point Hut road turnoff.

Stand by Me is one of my favorite movies (and songs) ever so thats a given, thanks for that. I’ll shout you a coffee/beer/MTB lesson for a map :slight_smile:

Something like this is what I would do.

Great thanks mate, very much appreciated!

If you need any further help - please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks so much folks, the ride couldn’t have been any better and we loved it. This is how it turned out and we’ll be back soon:

Your food recommendations? Blew us away. We had beers at the BentSpoke, pizza at Pizza Gusto, back to beers (the sprocket became our favourite brew) and the highlight was Stand by Me for breakie this morning. Far out, you have it good over there and now I need to convince my wife to be to move over there.

Good one Marc. Dare I say that I’m jealous.

Did I serve you breakie?

Mmmh, the dude who served us breakfast was the friendliest dude ever. We would go there again and again and not only because of the food, we just felt right at home. We were the first ones in for breakie this morning at around 8.15am. Was that you? Shaved cycling legs and I believe classic Asics were worn.

Nice! The weather would have been perfect for you.

Sounds like Ken. Shaved head?

Glad you enjoyed yourself! The city has a lot to offer and it is something that people need to discover for themselves rather than just thinking its all just politics and public servants.

He said ‘friendliest dude ever’. Probs not you.

Shaved head sounds about right, great dude.

And I agree, the number of cycling ways alone + the number of great coffee shops and restaurants make it a very livable city. Add the variety of outdoor possibilities at your door step and it makes it even better. The number of new building developments on the outskirts of the city (near Stromlo) make it quite clear though that its no longer a secret how nice of a city Canberra really is.
We loved how easy we could get around and how friendly everyone seemed. Everything seems to happen in a much more relaxed pace. The only thing we’d struggled to get used to is that virtually no one is on the street at 7am on weekends :wink: Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney makes us earlier risers look very normal.

Corin was great and we’d actually ride it again in an instant. Great combination of rolling hills, ‘‘real’’ climbs and awesome descents. We were once again surprised by how little traffic was around and didn’t see many people riding either. In actual fact, we saw no one but a ranger on the whole Corin Forest Road climb (and a snake) and the guys from the cafe (nice people as well, commented they’ll built a bike rack soon, made us feel welcome), home baked banana bread was consumed.

Once again, thanks all and we’ll be back. Honeysuckle next.

^ shush! Now everyone is gonna want to come.

Good to hear you had a great ride and food experience.
Yep, you would have had perfect weather for it.
I’ve never anything but great service from Ken and the team at SBM.

Honeysuckle…we’ll be riding Honeysuckle on New Years Day but as the forecast says 35 degrees we don’t want to ride from the city. Rather making it into something like a 70-80km ride. Any ideas where a good starting point might be?

P.S. We’ll be at the Bent Spoke for beers and dinner that day if someone wants to say Hi and share a beer or two.
P.S.2. More than welcome to join us for the ride as well if you are up for a rather early-ish start (7ish)

Tharwa is the perfect start spot. You can park at the park under the bridge.

There’s (rain) water at the top of Honeysuckle, which I’ve drunk without repercussions.

Thanks for the invite, I might join you two for the ride.

Great thanks mate and you’d be more than welcome to join us. Would love to ride with a local.

PSA: I haven’t there for a while, but when I did the food was terrible. YMMV.