Road tires unable to seat with mini pump

I had a flat today, caused by a fucking tick purposely spread on the road. Changed the tube (first flat on this bike so far), pumped it all up and off I went. But the tire wasn’t seated correctly and I was pretty much unable to ride on and needed a lift as all I’ve tried was pretty much fruitless (I was near the end of my ride and close to home so it wasn’t too bad but still). Re did the whole thing with the floor pump back at home and after a couple of bings the tire seated. Its a Giant OEM tire which performed flawlessly so far but if I am unable to get it seated with a mini pump it needs to go. Anyone else made similar experiences or is there a trick I am not aware off?
It has to be mentioned that the carbon wheels I am riding are prepared for tubeless tires if that makes any difference.

Usually comes down to the amount of pressure build up you can get into the tire to make them seat. Maybe the mini pump just doesn’t have enough oomph?

Sounds suss, but deflate and spit on the area that won’t seat. Will lubricate the bead and generally seat without an issue.

Some tubeless rims need a decent hit of volume and or pressure to get the bead to seat.

My A23’s need 60/70 psi to get the bead to seat properly.

Use co2.

I used durex play on a stubborn bit of bead on my mtb tires this morning…

Sounds about right to give it a try with lubricating the problem part of the bead.

Andy, never used Co2 and didn’t really plan to either in the future but how many psi are the cartridges able to get into a tire?

I’m not sure exactly, but probably over 100psi for a 23mm

+1 for co2. I use 23mm maxxis refuse on Belgium+ rims…possibly one of the worst combo’s for this. Just use the hand pump to get it started to make sure the canister is going to give you enough air to get it up to 120psi to seat, then let some back out.

You can buy cartridges for MTB or road tires. Go for road tires obviously. Or, get a better mini pump, or a frame pump.