Road To Nowhere. Roller Racing.

Bringing it back.

love you dk

o fuk yea


outta town :frowning:


Haha good call shirts. Someone was asking what you are up to the other day.

I’ve never been on rollers at speed, will be interesting to see how my spin is.

Your forks are locked in to a rig, so you can go hell for leather.

can’t wait for the leggings

can i ride my LLLLLLOOOWWWW on the rollers

See you tonight.

Good turn out tonight for the first roller racing in years, heaps of familiar faces.

Good selection of brews & food also!

Stoked to get into the finals at my first roller race. It’s heaps of fun. Thanks to Gear and BCMA for making it happen.

Who won?


on again tomorrow night

Is this on tonight? What’s the story?

So, this is on again tomorrow night, yeah?

God you are dangerously close to so much temptation in your new spot. Go and fill the void I left at newstead brewery. Also locals tip, 2 for 1 steaks at liquid on a Tuesday. Two 700g rumps for $30 if you go with a friend, or just two for you.