Roadie wheel help

So i’m pulling apart the greg lemond and i’m putting Sram Force on and trying to choose a wheelset, i’m about 90kgs and the budget is up to $700 but can push it a little bit more to get something good.

Had these mavics in mind Chris King R45 Blue Wheelset 28 Hole (eBay item 120720394603 end time 04-Jun-11 20:54:24 AEST) : Sporting Goods in mind but can get a set of fulcrum zeros that can be tubs/clinchers for $800 but i don’t know much about wheels to be honest and any suggestions would be welcome.

King 45’s to Open Pro’s or H+son TB14’s. You’d be hard pressed to find a better wheelset. Maybe even strap down some chineese carbon if you want something more modern and aero.

Chris Kings are great but their freewheels are very noisy, but that might be your thing. If it’s not going to be raced I’d steer clear of carbon tubs or any tubular rim as it will be an inconvenience. Any weight or aero saving will be counteracted by the fact you’ve got to run heavier and more durable tires.

Just my thoughts.

Loud freewheels are bowss!
I’ve started back pedaling when I’m cruising on the footpath (involuntarily) because I don’t have a bell and people usually hear me.

I heard a review that the r45 freewheel was really quiet-but i dig noisy freewheel action anyway so doesn’t phase me, steering clear of chinese carbons as i don’t trust them. I’m sure about clinchers too-don’t want tubs.

Pobably the best way to go. I’m building some Dura ace hub to TB14 when they become available in 28h hard ano. I love open pro’s and have them on another wheelset but the 14’s should be just as good and a bit more classic looking.

any links for the tb14?


commuter are lacing these to my phil hubs for SSCX wheels, CANT WAIT!!!

much as i hate to say this, don’t get the chris kings. i have them and the freewheel drag on the rear sucks. on the front, sure, no problem, but with 72 engagement points on a ratchet there’s going to be some friction.

look into some of these. i know i will be, come new wheelset time.

If your buying road wheels and your not racing think of it has buying a good pair of hubs which will have a few rims laced to them. My 2 cents would be hope pro 3’s good bearings easy servicing Oz distro for spares, Campag record great adjustability totaly rebuildable again Oz Spares lastly Chris King great hubs just expensive for what they are compared to Hope. Rims 32 hole easy to get spares if you total one if you really want 28 hole go 28 on the front and 32 on the rear. The way Rear wheels are dished means that most of the tension and weight goes on the drive side and at 90kgs you need all the spokes you can get (no offence I am 87kg). Go Mavic or Ambrosio or DT and spokes DT or Sapiem DB.

i also agree with chris - if you want handbuilt wheels, go either record or dura ace hubs laced to open pros or DT swiss. ftw.

thought about c-4 hubs? Friend just got a pair built up by Shifter and seems very happy with them

For “off the shelf” wheels these are another pretty good option:


Handbuilt clincher, under 1400 grams, ceramic cartridge bearing, sapim double butted spokes… Look and colours are a good match for SRAM if like me you have a bit of OCD.

RRP is over a $1000US but I recently got a pair for under $700 delivered, damn good value IMO.

I haven’t given them a good hammering yet but first impressions are that they are stiff, light and spin up very quickly. Smooth and quiet freewheel, I don’t mind an angry freewheel but these wheels have a light whirring hum which is good for sneaking up on people.

there’s another kind of crabon out there?

I have white industries hubs laced to open pro’s, can be done for under 700 bucks. WI are not the very lightest but excellent quality and strong, I see that you are of the larger variety of folk like me (I am prolly around 110kg). The WI is quieter than a CK or record hub.

Half the quality of your hand built wheelset is in the parts and half in the building.

+1 I absolutely love mine. I have found myself having to occasionally feather my brakes while in the bunch coasting downhill because I am catching people - only happens with these wheels.
Low spoke count but still strong.

Greenmachine- what are you going to use them for? Racing or recreational riding? How long do you want them to last- just a racing season? Want them to be rebuildable to another rim when the old wear out?
I’m sure you are aware of the factory vs handbuilt argument. There are pros and cons to each.

I’m a big fan of Record or Dura Ace hubs built up to an Open Pro/DT Swiss 1.1. You can save extra weight with fancy spokes.

you should forget about weight (within reason), just get the ones that look best

Hey guys thanks for all your input, i had my eyes on the EA90’s SL and SLX so that seems to be the target now after all the +1’s. Horatio i’m needing them to be all purpose riding wheels, not competitive though.

this guy has accepted an offer of $500 for these… EASTON EA90slx | eBay