RoadToPista track dropout adaptor

Fixed Gear Fixie RoadToPista track dropout adaptor Road2Pista | eBay

With only that one bolt attaching them to the dropout i would of thought there has to be the potential of rotation around it???

Fucking stupid idea

Yep fucking stupid idea alright

Yep agree worst idea ever. Whats the deal with this kind of thing, in theory if you crank up the bolt and get enough tension into it, the friction between the two plates will keep it in place. However, if this isn’t done the thing will rotate and could cause the rider to crash.

Could this guy get taken to court for his great invention?

Brilliant stroke of Darwinism.

Notice how the head of the nut had to be ground away to fit…

i love that someone bought this

at least we can sit back and watch natural selection go to work

looks like a trip to the hospital…

Oh shit… Was that a mistake?

accessory to murder right there…

thats some funny shit.

Wow. I still can’t believe that peep’s would pay $'s for something like this.

if anyone missed out the first time he has more for sale

this ‘fixie’ craze is going to be big so get in early

I have invented it! It works better then ever thought.

I loe the fact that it raises your BB too.

What about welding the bolt?

But then you’d ruin your sweet powder coat!

There is really no benefit in bolting this POS to your frame

Someome give bsnyc a headsup

yes there is, it helps you get into the new fixie craze which IMO is really taking off lately